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VPN Recurring Service – Y-Internet

VPN Recurring Service

VPN Recurring Service – Take away the stress of any renewal, never be without your service.  

Perfect for New and Existing Customers alike who simply do not want to keep going through the process of having to remember to make constant payments.  Thereby ensuring that you never find you do not have access to this essential service.

Simply select monthly or yearly when automatic payments will be taken, and enjoy not only the peace of mind that not only will your service never be interrupted, but enjoy cheaper prices than our PAYG options..


Select as appropriate “Monthly” or “Yearly” Recurring Services.


VPN Recurring Monthly Service

7.00 per month

At only €7 per month, our monthly recurring service is one of the UKs cheapest VPN service anywhere. Additionally the recurring monthly service is not only class leading, but future payments can be cancelled easily and at short notice, just days before the next payments due date.


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Monthly, Annually

VPN Recurring Annual Service

70.00 per year

Just €70 per year, making it one of the cheapest yearly UK IP VPN services.  Enjoy a yearly VPN servcie for only the equivalent of €5.83 per month.




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Monthly, Annually


Select a router if you would like to buy one with the VPN service preconfigured within it. A true Plug and Play VPN solution.


UK VPN Router


Select if you do want the VPN service to be installed within a suitable WiFi 4 Port Router.  This ensures any device connected by Ethernet or wirelessly will be routed as though it is located within the UK.



If you have ordered a router, select the appropriate option for where you want it delivered to, or collect directly from our Calahonda Office.


Collection from Y-Internet Spanish Office



Delivery Within Spain or the UK



Delivery Elsewhere within Europe



Delivery Outside of Europe




This item is for none standard payments and test orders.


Test Purchase, €1.00


Select this product to make test or non-standard payments.



4G!  The Ultimate Wireless Solution!

Depending on where you are, you can expect download speeds of up to 30Mb – that’s really fast!  Click for more!