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4G Internet from Y-Internet on the Costa del Sol
4G Internet from Y-Internet on the Costa del Sol

Due to current very high demand, if you are interested in our 4G Services, please register below and we will get back to you as soon as possible, with regards to availability.

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Y-Internet Orange 4G 120 Gig Per Month Service €66 Inclusive Per Month

NEWs – 5th May 2016 !!!  4G Orange 120 Gig Per Month Sims Available. €66 Inclusive per month.

A great number of 4G internet services that were sold as without limits over the Movistar Network stopped today at very short notice due to Movistar withdrawing the product from existing resellers and customers due the their extremely high data usage.

As a response to this Y-Internet have an alternative product that runs on the Orange Network that is aimed at those who watch TV or videos over the internet, but with a 120 Gig data usage limit per calendar month at the price of €66 inclusive of Tax.

If you have an existing 4G router then it should NOT be necessary to incur the cost of a new router to use our Orange 4G service. We can reprogram it for you at our offices.

To contract our 4G Orange service all that is necessary is the following:

1. A contract has to be signed, where we must get your name, address, email, telephone number, passport or ID card number and signature.

2. We must have a copy of your passport or ID card.

3. You need to complete a Direct Debit form so we can take monthly payments.  Therefore we must have your 20 digit Spanish bank code, bank name and address.

4.You will need to pay pro rata for the first month from when you sign the contract.

Orange 4G FAQs

Can I reserve a sim. – NO as the number of people who have lost their service means there is a great deal of uncertainty as to how many will want a sim, therefore although we should have available up to 30 Sim per day, it has to be a first come first served basis to keep things as simple as possible.

Will the Coverage be the same as Movistar – It is highly unlikely to be identical.  Some will get better coverage and some will be worse, as both companies use masts in different locations.  Indeed the client is responsible for ensuring the Orange 4G service will work where they wish to use it before they purchase any 4G service.

Will the service Step down to 3G – The service is a 4G service.  It is highly probable that the service will not step down to 3G if 4G coverage is lost in your area.  This is out of our control and ultimately Orange are in control of all of these areas.

Is the service based on a 12 month contract –   No the contract is month by month. However we cannot give refunds for any period paid for in advance if  the service is not working where the clients intends to use it.  It is the clients responsibility to ensure the service will work where they intend to us it before we take payment at any time.  We can only stop taking future payments when a clients notifies us to stop doing so.  Hence there is no permanency with our 4G contract.  As long as we are notified five working days before any month end that a client wishes to stop paying for future services, we will cease taking any future monthly payments as long as there is no fee balance outstanding.  Therefore please ensure there is an Orange 4G service where you live/ intend to use it,  before you take an Orange 4G Sim and service from us.

Can I use my Movistar 4G Router – Yes it is highly likely that we can use your router, and requires little changes to it to work.  We will endeavour not to change your routers SSID (Wi-Fi Signal) and the encryption code, therefore anything that wirelessly connected should still be able to do so without any issues.

What will 120 Gigs enable me to do – Our 4G Orange service has to be primarily used for watching TV or Videos.  However in general terms 120 Gigs would normally allow one of the following although this cannot be guaranteed:

An average of 6 hours of Standard Definition (SD) IPTV per day over a month; or

100 Hours of streaming videos; or

Listen to 25,000 songs; or

Surf 104,000 web pages.

If the 120 Gigs were used for more than one of these activities then clearly there would be a corresponding reduction of each activity possible.

What happens when my 120 Gig runs out – for the remainder of the month your speed will be reduced to 56k, which just might about enable you to send and receive emails very slowly, and  little else.

Can I check how much data I have used at any time – for the more tech capable, you may be able to login to your router and see what data has been used and therefore what is remain during the month.

Can you come to my house and do everything necessary – in the short term this is very unlikely as we are extremely busy due to thousands of Movistar clients losing their service, and we are being swamped at our offices.  Should we be able to do so, we will charge €50 to any client whose house we visit within a 20 Km distance of our offices in Calahonda Mijas 29649.

How long will I have to wait at your offices before you can reprogram my router and give me a Sim – Literally there are thousands of people who have had their internet cut off so waiting times and queues we be long.  To visit and get seen in the priority queue then email us if you still have access to an email service, and we will send you the contract to complete.  Send us this back completed with a copy of your passport / ID card, and we will reserve you a Sim until 10 am the next working day, whereby you must come to our offices before 10 am to pay for the first month and so we can reprogram your router.

Do you have plenty of Sims – We anticipate we will have at least 50 Sims per day, but we cannot guarantee this.  To avoid a wasted trip please call our offices.  BUT REMEMBER WE ARE EXTREMELY BUSY SO WE  COULD BE ENGAGED OR UNABLE TO ANSWER IT.

Why are you so busy and why are there long waiting times – the answer is simple, we are trying to help give a solution to thousands of people who have lost their service from their existing suppliers all at the same time.  Internet access is essential these days so every one  is trying to get an instant solution.  Remember these thousands of users have been built up by their old provider over a two year period.  So we are trying to do two years work within a two week period.  Impossible but we are trying.  However we know people can be upset with the loss of their Movistar service, but it is Movistar who have done this not your previous supplier.  Therefore if you cant be patient, respectful and understanding of how we are trying to help everyone, please do not come to our offices and take it out on the Y-Internet team.  We are simply trying our best to help people as fast as we can.

Why are you not answering the phone – we are trying to do two years work in the shortest of time possible.  We are extremely busy trying to help as many as people as possible get an internet service back.  Please be patient.  Email us instead, you have a better chance of getting a faster response.  Thanks.


A lot of resellers of the Movistar service have just lost the ability to provide a high data usage service.  We are finding a lot of their clients are being referred to us.  This is because we have been in business; primarily providing internet services  over various methods,  for over 10 years and have an unrivalled reputation for not only our products but for our customer service.

Please note we have no connection with any other resellers and we are only being mentioned by them as an alternative service provider.  We have no relationship in any way with any other companies who have lost their service, and we are unable to take over their liabilities or prepaid  commitments to their clients.  Any one coming to Y-Internet are a client of Y-Internet and are asked to sign the necessary contract as such.

In summary in addition to our class leading WiMax and WiFi services, Y-Internet offers a High Speed 4G Internet Service, with a Fair User Policy, to any area within Spain and the Spanish islands.

Our 4G high speed internet data service enables almost any home or business within Spain to gain access to high speed internet services with potential speeds of up to 30 MB download and 20 Mb upload.

Our new generation 4G data service has become necessary as we are unable to cover all of Spain with our WiMax and WiFi services, and we are continually requested to provide our excellent internet services and support throughout Spain.

Furthermore based upon the fact that every year, users increasingly require faster and faster data speeds with higher data usage requirements to enable the use of services such as IPTV products, in particular in areas of Spain where traditional ADSL internet is incapable or not available to support such demands.

.Y Internet 4G Internet Router ONLY €190.10 + IVA “Best Price in Spain”

Y-Internet 4G Internet Router

The 4G Router provided to access our services is the ZTE MF283 4G Router and enables access to superfast internet of up to 100 Mb download and 20 Mb upload speeds. The router has 4 Ethernet connection points to ensure hardwired connections are easily achieved where recommended such as for Netflix or Smart TV services, in addition to providing wireless connections of up to 32 devices.  In essence it provides more than enough connectivity for a medium sized office or the most demanding requirements of the modern home.

Should a 4G data connection not be available where you want to use the service it will automatically fall back and connect to a 3G data service.  Consequently the router should enable the vast majority of homes to gain access to a 4G data service where available and if none is immediately available step down and use the high speed 3G data service until a 4G service becomes available.

4G Internet Usage Costs – Contracts From Only €54.54 + IVA Per Month

With contracts available for various time periods to suit your needs and with prices starting from as little as €54.54 + IVA per month, there is no excuse not to upgrade to our 4G data service and experience the high surfing speeds possible via a 4G connection.

4G Internet Additional Questions

For more information about obtaining and using our 4G Internet Services, or if you already have 4G hardware and you would like to obtain your service via us, then please call our offices on 952 932 266 or visit our offices in Calahonda.


4G!  The Ultimate Wireless Solution!

Depending on where you are, you can expect download speeds of up to 30Mb – that’s really fast!  Click for more!